Assess, Treat & Condition

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Assess, Treat & Condition conducts continuing education courses for healthcare providers including Athletic Trainers (ATC), Physical Therapists and assistants (PT / PTA), Occupational Therapists and assistants (OT / OTA) and Massage Therapists (LMT).

Our bodies are designed to move.  More importantly, we are designed to move in non-restricted, pain-free functional patterns.

However, too many people are now confined to desks for 40+ hours a week.  They spend even more time sitting driving to and from work and sitting when they get home from work.  Ultimately, we are conditioning our bodies to sit and not much else.

Assess, Treat & Condition utilizes a wide range of manual therapy techniques to restore the normal movement patterns that we have forgotten:  how to walk, how to squat, how to bend and how to reach.  Once movement patterns are restored, they are re-enforced with active movements to reprogram the nervous system.