Assess, Treat & Condition

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Orthopedic Assessment for Manual Therapists

Palpation of both tissue integrity and joint mobility are necessary components of an orthopedic evaluation.

This course is designed to teach proper assessment techniques for application of manual therapy techiques to reduce pain and improve movement and function. 

Manual Therapy 

These 1-day courses review basic evaluation techniques and introduce manual therapy techniques:  post-isometric relaxation, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release and joint mobilizations.

Upper Extremity - 6 hours

Lower Extremity - 6 hours

Spine & SI joints - 6 hours

Kinesiology and Fascial Taping

This 1-day course introduces key components of kinesiology taping to augment other clinical interventions ranging from myofascial release to joint mobilizations (Mulligan techniques) and therapeutic exercise.